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Graphs showing time trends in mortality rates

All-cause mortality at age 15-34 years in

England and Wales: 1841-2006

Graph showing all-cause mortality at age 15-34 years in England and Wales since 1841

Comment: Female mortality rates at age 15-34 years were higher than male rates in every year from 1841 to 1863 (typically by 3% to 6%), but never again after that. 1849 was a particularly tragic year for young women, as was 1918; hugely tragic years for young men were 1914-18 and 1939-45. Death counts during the two world wars include, according to the Office for National Statistics, "both civilian and military deaths (even if the death occurred abroad)".

Method: Mortality rates were downloaded from the Human Mortality Database (see or on 4 December 2009. The plotted lines connect unsmoothed values.

WHO mortality rates for particular countries, ages and causes of death