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Population of the world and continental regions,

adults in early old age (70-79 years): 1950-2010

Graph showing population of early old-aged adults in world and continents

Notes: The vertical scale on this graph goes up to only 250 million, whereas that on the previous graph went up to 2.5 billion (ie, 10 times as much).

In 2005 there were 221 million people aged 70-79 years, of whom 118 million lived in Asia, 54 million in Europe, 18 million in Northern America, 16 million in Latin America and the Caribbean, 15 million in Africa, and between 1 and 2 million in Oceania.

The number of Europeans in this age group fell to 40 million in 1991: many of that generation was lost in the nearly pan-European conflict of 1939-45.

Source of data: United Nations Population Division, "World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision".

WHO mortality rates for particular countries, ages and causes of death