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Graphs showing time trends in mortality rates

All-cause mortality at age 35-69 years in

France: 1816-2007

Graph showing all-cause mortality at age 35-69 years in France since 1816

Colours: The coloured diamonds represent French males (blue) and females (red); for comparison, the light grey curves represent males (upper grey curve) and females (lower) in England & Wales.

Comment: Middle-age mortality before about 1950 was characterised not only by generally high levels, but by enormous variability from one year to the next, particularly for males. The four peak male rates in this graph were in 1871, 1918, 1915 and 1832. The peak female rates were in 1832, 1871, 1854 and 1849.

Method: Mortality rates were downloaded from the Human Mortality Database (see or on 4 December 2009. The plotted lines connect unsmoothed values.

WHO mortality rates for particular countries, ages and causes of death